Speak louder, The people can't hear you . Work harder, It's not going to come easy. Listen to understand. We have two ears for a reason. Eat healthier, the body is a temple . Cry , a little rain leads to brighter days . Laugh. Loosen up a bit, the things you stress about are … Continue reading Simplicity


Domestic Violence: Time to Address it

Domestic violence is a serious issue , that needs to be discussed as much as possible . In light of Roc Nation's singer/model Justine Skye coming out to the public exposing her ex-boyfriend, rapper Khadimou Fall a.k.a. Sheck Wes for abusing her. This issue has drawn a lot of attention to the public. Skye posted … Continue reading Domestic Violence: Time to Address it

Blackface Backfires on Gucci

The statement above was a statement that was released by the Gucci clothing store apologizing for this image of Blackface that you see on one of their ads online . This caused an uproar on Social media primarily from the African-American community and the outrage was justified . It's comical to truly believe that a … Continue reading Blackface Backfires on Gucci

What’s to a Relationship

To love and to be loved is a great feeling . It's a feeling we all have experienced in our lives , but it's something that most of us have failed to maintain . Relationships can be beautiful , especially when you and your significant other are in the "honeymoon phase" of dating . Everything … Continue reading What’s to a Relationship